Beitrittsdatum: 8. Juni 2022


When the industry representatives gave evidence, we asked them if their companies had ever agreed to compensate people suffering from gambling harms only if they signed non-disclosure agreements. Mr Alexander replied “We [GvC] have never done that. We have NDAs in place that are customer- friendly. In 2019, we entered into 28 of these settlement agreements. They have all been disclosed to the Gambling Commission

We have never forced customers to sign them in the way that you have said.” He added that “there were 28 … they were absolutely not forced, and they were fully disclosed to the Gambling Commission.

This evidence was given on 4 February 2020. We asked for further information on a number of issues. On 2 March we received supplementary evidence from GvC stating: “At GvC, we do not use “NDAs” per-se in relation to the settlement of customer disputes. We use “Settlement Agreements” … Usually, Settlement Agreements involve us paying a financial sum to the relevant customer.

However, we would not offer to pay someone more money in return for signing a settlement agreement … . Confidentiality clauses are commonplace in most, if not all Settlement Agreements, across all industries, where threatened or actual litigation is settled.”424



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